"Clean code development has been the foundation of our software development since 2009. Ralf has coached and inspired us on our way to more sustainability from the beginning. His vision of how software could be structured in better ways for higher longterm productivity has contributed a lot to our success."

Michael Speer


"I learned about Flow-Design and the Integration Operation Segregation Principle in one of Ralf’s TDD 2.0 trainings – and immediately resonated with me: that’s how clear and simple software design should be!

Since then I have been using Ralf’s approach for every software project, from comprehensive applications to single features. And it’s best for doing designs as a team: you come together at the whiteboard, sketch design alternatives, talk everything through, and everybody is on the same page.

My experience is that code written according to a Flow-Design model is easy to understand and modify even after years. That’s ingenious!"

Philipp Süss, PhD.

Assistant head of "Optimizing Technical Processes", 🌐Fraunhofer ITWM, Kaiserslautern

"We cannot imagine clean code without Flow-Design anymore. With Flow-Design the communication between developers and also with the customer has become much easier and more fluent.

In projects we can think through alternatives much faster and implement decisions more straightforwardly.

For us Flow-Design is a missing link in software development. That’s why we’re so happy about Ralf’s support and his continuous refinement of Flow-Design over the past years. We love to be so close to this development."

Sebastian Betzin


"Following the principle to separate integration and operation and data as found by Ralf and wrapped into the IODA Architecture immensely increases the internal quality of my code."

Henning Dampel

Senior Software EngineerWITec GmbH


This article was updated on 27.01.2021