Get an external view and fresh input for specific situations…

Mainly I’m working as a trainer. That means I support your team(s) in acquiring new skills and habits to achieve longterm high productivity. But sometimes a more immediate “intervention” is needed. Sometimes an acute situation first needs to be dealt with before actual training can start. Or even the best trained developers sometimes get stuck and would benefit from an outside view. We’re all suffering from blind spots from time to time.


Sometimes what’s needed is a second opinion on something you’ve already done, a software design or code. I’m happy to help with that.

What I’d do is, put on my “clean code glasses” and analyse the existing structures through them. Where I spot differences between what is present and what could/shout be there instead, I’d bring to your attention and then we discuss the pros and cons. My recurring question regarding what I see is: “Why?” Maybe there are good reasons for it, maybe it’s just habits, traditions, cargo cult expressing itself. You never know. That’s why it’s good to get an outside view on it.


And sometimes it’s already clear a given structure in design or code needs an overhaul. Then it’s re-design time, then what I can help with is refactoring.

Again I’d put on my “clean code glasses” and make suggestions as to how code could be transformed to be closer to what I’d deem ideal according to the principles I find important for longterm high productivity.

Refactoring like review is interactive. I’m not doing it for you. I only do it with you. No, we’re jointly doing it, while I’m driving it with questions and suggestions.


A review or refactoring (or some other consulting or training) can easily be done online. Your default thinking might be, it should be on-site at your company – but most often it turns out to be not necessary. On-site consulting is heavy-weight, online consulting is light-weight.

  • Firstly software development artifacts are digital (or can easily be digitized); that makes them easy to work with in an online session with distributed attendees.
  • Secondly the number of interested/relevant people in a consulting are usually small (1-5). Such few people can easily gather in an online session. And on top of that it’s much more flexible organize a 1-2 hour online session than a half or full day workshop on-site.


Consulting is priced individually.

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This article was updated on 27.01.2021