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In the early 2000s I wrote a couple of books for publishing houses. Most notably 🌐an introduction to the then new .NET Framework, which almost became a bestseller with 6000+ sold copies.

Later I got dissatisfied with the quite constrained way how publishing houses do their business. I switched to self-publishing mostly using Leanpub as my platform.

After a couple of books in which I compiled blog posts for easier reading, I recently have published a brand new series of books with exclusive content. I call this series Programming with Ease and it’s covering the essence of my software development method which has continuously evolved from clean code principles and practices since 2008. My online trainings are largely based on this trilogy.

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Blog articles

Since 2003 I have been blogging extensively: more than 850 articles in 5+ blogs. The topics range from the very technical to the conceptual, they cover detail aspects of software development as well as issues of leadership.

I don’t want to box myself in. My focus is on longterm high productivity of software developers, but in order to be able to provide support and insights there, I find it important to look beyond the technical, even beyond the software industry. My guess is: the broader the spectrum I’m interested in, the better I can serve software developers. There is much to learn beyond the immediate horizon of software development publications. Leaving the echo chamber to me is vital.

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Articles in magazines

Since the beginning of the 1980s I have been writing for magazines. First very occasionally for 🌐Computer Persönlich, then regularly for BasicPro – the then largest VB magazine of which I also was editor-in-chief from 1998 until 2001 –, then at lot more for 🌐dotnetpro and some for 🌐Objektspektrum.

First my writing was very much about technical details, but later it evolved into a mix of conceptual topics, software architectural advice and “rants”. For some 14 years I have been writing an editorial column called “Sandbox” in the dotnetpro, Germany’s only magazine focused on Microsoft’s .NET technology.

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.NET TV Videos

In 2004 and 2005 I did a couple of video productions for the dotnetpro magazine and Microsoft Germany.

The episodes were all very technical in content, but “playful” in their form. Back then they were very well received by the developer community.

The .NET TV series was the first one with 8 episodes.

(Please excuse the low image quality of the video. It was 2004 and magazine CD capacities were limited for publishing videos. And original hi-res videos unfortunately have gone missing. Bummer.)

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The Tipps series was another series but with a different approach. The .NET TV episodes were full of analogies and different scenes. The Tipps, though, were focused on just one person – some Vera Kladetzky –, who is a frustrated assistant (and secret lover) of a software team lead who’s always in crisis mode and never shows up. And Vera doesn’t get why there’s always such a fuss about so trivial programming problems – which she then quickly solves.

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There are some podcasts hidden in my blog, too. I recorded articles from my Sandbox magazine column. That was fun – but in the end I realized this is not really a format I want to pursue further.

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I’m speaking at conferences quite often and sometimes my presentations get recorded on video in a way that I find them worthy of sharing in my blog.

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